I do not know what to make of your death,

surely you meant it as some divine comedy,

the punchline to an absurdist joke on life?

a mockery on the measurement of meaning?

a satire on the insanity of survival?

cause you see, people tell me I am funny,

I don’t see it, but they always seem sincere.

So I was thinking of taking up stand up sometime,

cause as you know, the happy pills don’t work,

and there is all this darkness to squeeze comedy out of.

I thought we stared into the same darkness you and I,

But you could somehow make it a little light,

And I am sure, I will be fine if I can do the same.

But you know I cannot crack a joke I don’t get,

So for comedy’s sake, tell me what your last joke meant!

2 thoughts on “Elegy for Robin Williams, on the anniversary of his passing

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