The Bangalore Butt Stabber

markiplier__the_story_of_a_butt_stabber_by_desmond_some-d7dca3y“The Bangalore butt stabber is back” the special news report proclaimed. Anita stopped folding the laundry and stared at the tv screen. She gave an involuntary chuckle at the ‘special’ news report. News today was special the same way kids used to be called special in the 80s she thought. Every idiot with some cash lying around seemed to be starting a 24/7 news channel. Anita figured she should advise her wealthy good-for-nothing cousin to start one too.

“There have been seven different cases of butt stabbings in Bangalore last month itself. Five of the seven victims are women. The only thing common to all the victims is that their behinds could be described as bootilicious.” Seriously? thought Anita, while she suppressed another chuckle. “We have renowned psychologist Mr. Hatele here with us to help us understand the psychology of this serial stabber” the news anchor said in all seriousness. Read more

Of Men and Monsters

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief. It should follow that it takes a psychopath to catch a psychopath. And that is the reason I had not been able to catch the Bangalore Butcher, I told myself. After all I am no psychopath. Hence, when they called a special officer to help me investigate the case I was more relieved than angry. That was until I met my partner, Special Officer Nishanth Karande.

File Photo, 'Bangalore Butcher' Case no.4576234
File Photo, ‘Bangalore Butcher’ Case no.4576234

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